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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Stormy Again !!!

As the season begins slowly at that, the night is becoming overcast, with darkness setting inearly,@ 5 pm.
However we must complete our daily tasks, updating, organizing our little world, utilizing the technology of the future.  Computers are a wonder, recently upgraded my computer, it was sitting on the table, when I clicked the Tab on another mainframe, engaging all connections through the one portal.  What occurred net was impressive.  My small notebook computer began to violently shake as the programs were engaging.  IT was as if it was saying, thank you for energizing me.  this occured for approximately 13 minutes .  Now that its alive, I must continue my journey, to furfill others desires.  The concept of regional blogs, is to engage otheers to connect , share info on their travels, unnique areas, etc.  When growing up, I helped the family, in the family business (Construction)  ultimately, I began these web blogs as a side kick, however after some time, I've noticed that I had a few (@157 links)  So please enjoy your regional blogs....,, an many more till nxt time hppy hldays

                                                                                    Did You Know ?

                                          Sharks arose some 350 million years ago , & remained unchanged rfor 70 million yeas.

                                                                                            JOHN D STEVENS


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                                            PLANNING ON TRAVELLING THIS HOLIDAY !!!

                                                    automotive winter check up !!!

don't forget to check ??

                                                                                            FLARES in trunk ?

                                                                                                   keep a blanket (bottle water in trunk)

                                                                                                           check tire pressure ( spare Good ) 

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automotive  check up will save on fuel ?

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