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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Did you view the Autoshow ?

Lately car manufacturers are on the cutting edge of technology... Many car show have exposed the latest innovative autos, truck, motorbikes, even scooters & mopeds have advanced over the years. Now this may sound silly, I still ride bike daily, saves on transport costs & better for the environment. As a previous member of the sierra club, they also agree , sometimes less is more !!! Dwell on that for a moment & think of ways you too can pitch in in saving the earth... do you recycle ? ? ? Begin a following of like minded people... whatever your cause is, thats between your own group !!! Why not begin a blog ??? Thats an idea,,, sharing info between members or the world... Think of the big Picture ... However if you have not seen the innovative models that are in Production, your missing out... view you Tube & learn more , daily , a you tube following ......... To innovative Products & Services .... Creating Regioning Blogs, fun entertaining & informative blogs for would be travelers , students ??? Daily, trying to encompass this.... wide range, yet I believe many Japenese like to research, read, & stay informed ....,, & many others ; Saying Hello !!! I believe these blogs will interest many also.

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