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Monday, January 30, 2012

ROAD RAGE !!! Tales of Past/Present !!!

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    Road Rage !!! / Past Tales in the Field !!! 

    As the Van approached, reving his motor, It reminded me of my travels on route 3 south Nashua, NH.  One morning I changed lane, suddenly my windshield was coverred with white liquid.  Looking at the other driver he was giving me hand signals, I immediately gave him my Tip of the day !!!  I Too, have Coffee, yet Iam not throwing it at vehicles, You just never know how some may react in life... Iam typing this morning, yes with my cupp of Coffee, Java, Joe for some.
    be careful out their; you never know what others are struggling with in life.

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    Tales & Promisses of Future Families !!!

    During the early days of New England Growth, many contractors & families moved to the south shore of Massachussetts. As the area grew, they would move with the steady growth. My family, was part of this, building in Boston, moving South to small towns, Canton & Easton. These locations iwas where the growth was occuring. The region was Buzzing, living off a main highway, in our own little World , we had developed over 150 acres ,to pleasant culdisacs;where families could grow !!! Our neighbors , all where happy to be a part of this , as everyone grew , some went to colleges, others worked locally. Looking back at those special Times, brings a Joy to your Life, Now as everyone is moving Forward, we must All be Thankfull, for how we all have helped others & for our Future Stories, yet To be written.

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